DNA Research on SLO - Spring 2015

Open Health Registry Activity.
Many new dogs have been added to the registry since early May.  Generating pedigrees and posting them may take until mid-summer, so be patient.  Owners will be notified after the pedigrees are available.

SLO Research.  BeaCon has funded a lab research project for DNA study of a small group of SLO affected Beardies and a small group of control Beardies without SLO. The principle investigator is Dr. Anita Oberbauer at UCDavis; she has been collecting samples, medical histories, and pedigrees for this purpose.

The project is administered by AKC CHF. $10,030 was provided by BeaCon to AKC CHF; most is for research and the remainder is for grant administration and indirect costs.

The project has been approved (late May) and should begin in the summer of 2015.

The other research on SLO is an environmental/family survey

Before starting the survey, it is suggested that you go to the survey and after entering the required information scroll through each page of the survey to assure that you have the information available. Once "done" is clicked at the end of the survey you cannot return to make changes or additions. You will need vaccination record, health history, use of preventives (tick & flea) along with names of sire and dam.

Click here for details. NOTE: This is a PDF document; recent firefox versions don't always display active links so you may want to use a different browser.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

The e-newsletter went out 5/15; the snail version will be out in May.

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New open health registry report is now available

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